10 years, infinite cues on old content Pt2

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by AJPro, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. AJPro Committed Player

    Well did a post complaining how no old content cues and runs.
    i argued to reduce or eliminate relevance loot tables.
    I argued to reduce or eliminate stats matter so you can get through old content quicker and quicker to make that a reason to run.
    Finally, I argued maybe give collections/styles from time capsules out of the mega rotation.
    The post got tons of responses but 90% were about the ideas not the problem.
    We should want to run old content.... We should not get loot, there are so many ways...
    i.e. arguing about the pencil not the idea (from the film Finding Forrester)
    So i will shift the paradigm, my post is not arguing change or arguing the problem.
    Here is the question, i have cues that never trigger and old content that few seem to run...any ideas to fix that.
    Please post other places to challenge there is a problem or that my solutions stink.
    Create not trol, list some ideas that hopefully get some likes and gives devs some ideas.
    Clearly mine do not and inspired many “pencil” questions vs. solutions or even “likes”
    While I still sit in infinite cues with my alts.
    please help!
  2. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    This is a cue:
    This is a queue:
    Eliminating Combat Relevance could give people reasonable motivation to run older content. The reality however is that they would just run 1-player/2-player content, something they could finish the quickest for marks.

    Removing the changes made in the 2017 stats revamp is not possible, there is no on/off button for that. What you're asking for would require them to go back and manually rebalance everything (player abilities, weapon damage, enemy stats, etc). It took them over a year and put a hold on new content. That's not going to happen.

    Possible solutions:
    I'm not sure how successful it was but there was a Raid the Universe Event.
    More events like this during the year would be refreshing. I personally didn't find the rewards very enticing but it was a nice concept.

    Usually my league, especially during this time when we're in between episodes, group up and queue random content. Does your league do anything like that?
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  3. tukuan Devoted Player

    I can say that I picked up a number of feats on alts when they ran this event. Honestly I'm a little shocked that they haven't run it again as this seems to be the easiest way to get people to run older content. That said while this would help players get outstanding feats that they missed if they were around when the content was current, it probably wouldn't be a viable solution for players levelling unless by coincidence they managed to be within relevancy for whatever instances were in the event. I sure does get those queues going though.

    Another one I noticed was that during the anniversary event content like DWF and BN dropped quite quickly, most likely due to the anniversary trophy requirements. Perhaps another solution might be to have some vendors offer limited items that you can buy if you run some of the older content. I would think have specific instances drop a mark that would expire in a relatively short time, and then just rotate the instances and corresponding vendor items. I suspect a lot of people would be interested in being able to straight up buy some of the items or styles from past instances. It would also be a viable solution for prem players who can't afford to buy some of those items on the broker. However like the above wouldn't help actively levelling players as much but again I think it would facilitate the queues.

    Finally when I see problems with the queues for older content I often suggest that we have the ability to queue either at our current level or within the content relevancy CR. If you select the latter you are capped at the upper ceiling of the CR range but you'd get source marks as a drop. I can't speak for others, but I know I'd queue for older content with my end-game alts if this was the case.
  4. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    The problem with older content and new content not lasting 1 month is the gear system itself. The gear system needs to be revamped this game should not have a gear system like this at all. The gear system as it stands is the most boring thing to the player base it is so bad ur stats on ur gear don't even matter you'll still get destroyed by adds and never be able to take a shot from a boss. I don't even know why we wear gear in this game. when it's all experience base as for the player beating the content has nothing to do with stats. Not yet anyways maybe never who knows what the direction of this game is anymore
  5. the solowing Devoted Player

    Who's idea was that? Wow, it really need to be implemented as a daily challenge across all Instances. Nerf the rewards but DO keep this concept. This wouldnt fix high tier players from wreaking low-level content but this would most certainly breath a much needed breath of life back into the low tiers, if every player is given a different list of instances to complete, players would by likely chance be on the same instance queues as somebody else.
  6. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Old content gives 1 mark per boss that’s absolutely nonsense. This is because they sell sources marks on the marketplace for an absolutely insane rip off.. $10 for 75 marks!
  7. antipseudo Committed Player

    For old DCUO content (I'll repeat it again here) There was a great idea to motivate people to go back and play on old content, or at one point, we were gaining catalysts in loot at the end of some instances, it was a very good motivational idea, but unfortunately (and yes, always a "but") and once again, Daybreak preferred to see this option as an income through the game shop, the current system is horribly long and sometimes ends up making the game ultra soporific...

    People try to propose a lot of ideas to improve the game, but in the end how many ideas came up on the game ? I'm starting to wonder why continue to invest in a game where the players are no longer heard, when they are the ones who allow the game to survive and even in the studios, where the life of the game is probably only hanging by a thread...

    Without forgetting this last month overloading itself with events for a community not so huge for an MMO, but divided the players leave a multitude of events simultaneously is still a very bad idea in my opinion!

    In 2021 I would like Daybreak to be a little more attentive to the feedback from the community and especially their ideas, expectations and feedback!!!
  8. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    Adding Source Marks to the MP happened less than 2 years ago in response to people complaining about only getting 1 mark per boss in old content.
  9. Reinheld Devoted Player

    You are going to get a few different answers in 2 main camps. You may fall in one or the other...or even both from time to time, but the answer that will make the most sense to you will likely be telling.

    Camp 1. People who want old content to be 'relevant' again. This would mean we'd get rewards or some other reason (challenge or nostalgia being a few). This would need to include some sort of 'clamping' or 'stat leveling' that would make the many OP players have some sort of challenge vs just being able to smash through in minutes. The drawbacks on this are it would be a LOT of coding changes. It's not like they can just tack 20x the health and damage dealt on the bosses/adds to make them a challenge, otherwise that poor 'at level' guy would get destroyed. They'd also have to accommodate for artis/augments and massive SP differences from when the content was current. The 2 benefits are that SOME people would like to have these old runs be a challenge again...some were very fun even when we toiled away for hours in them....9 years ago. Also it would be a new source of marks that endgame players could collect on. The biggest drawbacks (in theory) would be that new players might be excluded from built groups for low stats and gear meaning there is less of a chance of them getting in. The other is that it might end up with only a handful of people wanting to use the system (assuming it's optional) meaning that the already slow queue's would be split into 2, with a queue for 'clamped' runs and 'unclamped' runs. There are other issues, but those are 2 biggies. Note, for the 'challenge' side of this group, watch LFG. You will not see many people shouting to build groups of 'at level' people to run old content at a challenge. The drawback of these theories is that no one knows how many people would actually use the system...if implemented, so the benefit to the queues is unknown.

    Camp 2. People who just want to get 'in' the content. This could be for checklist advancement or investigations/briefs/collections or rare drops/styles people are farming for. Or maybe you just want to get into a run you either have never done, or want to do again for fun. Maybe you are escorting a low level friend and want to let them have some of the experience you had. There's no rule saying you HAVE to smash everything immediately. These people don't want relevant runs(i.e. getting source marks), they just want to get in and can't. These are the people you see shouting in LFG "need X people to queue in, you can leave after". Whatever the reason they want in...and can probably solo or 'short' group the run, but can't get in due to the queues being bad. There are 3 main ideas out there to solve this issue, 1) walkin portals 2) teleporter mods or 3)....my favorite....an AdjustableQueueSize. Portals and teleporter mods would transport you into the run like one of the existing portals in the WT or other area. AdjustableQueueSize would allow you to go in with either a set number (like 4 for a raid or whatever) or to just go in with what you have in group. Either way, the content would be accessible for a group of people, and they could define if the run is a smashfest or challenge on their own. All 3 would eliminate the need to wait on a queue at all, and (I'd guess...I'm not a programmer) would take less coding to implement. As we already know people use and have used portals in the past, or build groups with disposable members, we know any of these systems would be used quite a bit.

    There is a 3rd camp that wants them to be 'relevant' again and get rewards, but also would NOT want any additional challenge to be added. As this is not realistically going to ever happen, I'll leave them out of the discussion.

    Granted, I'm biased towards camp 2...but I think I've done an ok job of spelling out both trains of thought. There are more semantic issues at hand but you would have to decide for yourself which group you would fall into. 99% of new players(I've met) are NOT looking for a challenge but do want to get into the content. Many are people who used a skip and just want to double back to knock out old feats or get collections/investigations. Personally I think there are more people in camp 2 than camp 1, but I already admitted I'm biased.

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