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  1. King Cisco Active Player

    In all seriousness do any of you look at dcuo as a true f2p game?

    I look at it as a free to try. The sad thing is the major thing that makes it so imo is the escrow... whoever designed that way back when. I don’t like you.

    Hopefully with the new sub update the game becomes truly free to play but pay to have luxuries that aren’t game breaking...
  2. Elijah Seed Well-Known Player

    Oh, not at all.

    DCUO is 100% PAY-TO-WIN. You can't do squat as FREE-TO-PLAY. Die once + repair = you're broke so don't die again until you get more cash...and you're probably going to die again while doing that. Or you could sell the gear you get from your daily and weekly boxes but forget about leveling your mods.

    And unless you BUY additional Inventory slots forget about saving stuff on your toon or in their bank. Sure you CAN save a few things but it's a constant struggle to free up Inventory space as you quest and explore. And you can forget about doing most content unless you BUY it.

    Membership DOES have it's privileges though. But even then you'll feel the need to spend money to improve your game.

    You're absolutely right when you say that "DCUO is free to TRY." And I DO think it is WORTH that try at least.
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  3. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    Right now you can play every piece of content in the game for free, thats more f2p than most MMOs out there.

    The cash cap is kind of rude and it should be at least 10k for free users just for the sake of gear repair and R&D stuff, but ite one of the main reasons people sub, so they cant just get rid of it. The inventory is kind of rude as well, but its 100% playable.

    Now every MMO will leave you with disadvantages for not paying, I dont know any that survives only on style cosmetic sales. DCUO at the moment has a great system for keeping people who dont pay at all but may pay one day in their games, you can experience every content as free, jusy not at its best
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  4. Darth_Andrea Well-Known Player

    DCUO's cash cap on F2P does extremely hinder the ability to play the game without spending money. Which is I believe by design. Lets face it DBG is a small studio, they have a limited portfolio and all of those games are F2P mmo's and their all on the lower end of revenue earners in the space. I doubt they have even come close to recouping their expenditures on Everquest Next even at this late date.

    They need more wide spread, mass market advertising. Sure DCUO is being advertised on streaming services owned by WB/AT&T. But that isn't enough, at the best, very best HBOMax has at most 2 million subs who watch on a regular basis, and most of those people walk out on ads to do other things.

    DBG needs to up their advert budgets and get Print, Radio and Television adverts for not just DCUO but ALL their games. The last time I saw a advert for Everquest was WAY back before Wizard magazine was canceled.

    You know what they say, you have to spend money to make money. If they put ads on television during the CW Dc shows, and run before Dc Movies and series on HBOMax. I fully expect a uptick in players. I don't know how many people I have talked to recently who either didn't know about DCUO or had thought it had been closed long ago.

    A product only survives while it's in the public mind space.

    As for the Cash Cap, they need to raise it to a minimum of a 1,000,000. This makes sense to me because having played end game content enough I have at times had to spend 10's of thousands to repair my gear. So a million minimum sounds fair and gives all players access to items on Vendors many of which cost more than the current cash cap.
  5. nawanda Dedicated Player

    There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

    All games that are ‘free’ are only as such to get you interested in the game and spending money. It’s a sound business model that is proven to work. You can of course complain that the ‘free’ aspect is too limiting, but all the inconveniences associated with it are deliberate. They want you to pay.

    If you want to use vendors and repair, pay. That’s the whole point.
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  6. Proxystar #Perception

    This game is more free to play than most others in the same genre, that's all that matters.

    At some point video games generally require some sort of money input. In terms of money input issues in this game I would consider escrow or cash limitations to be one of the least problematic.

    How to work around the cash cap is one of the most transparent purchases within this game.
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  7. Robotsidekick Active Player

    I've been free to play over a year selling gear to repair isn't too bad I end up making money from stuff i'd usually get rid off. Once open episodes stop tho I am out of here, don't see anything here that's worth a membership.
  8. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    I see DCUO as a "pay to play" game, we are clearly more on a pay to win game.
  9. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    it launched as pay for the game and pay a monthly membership. It was not received as such well at all. Users were done with all launch content in a month or so. PvP was more active then....
    No, what it became soon after launch is marketed as F2P, it's not. F2P portion is basically a demo.
  10. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    Yes it is free to play. You can level up from 1-30 completely free, that alone is like 5-8 hours of gameplay that cost players nothing.
    There is also open episodes still going on, which grants access to all of the DLC's in the game for free at longer loot locks.

    And I'm pretty sure that this new membership perk overhaul will is being done because them deciding to put open episodes as a permanent addition to the game, among other smaller changes being made.

    But anyhow, are there limitations that hinder your enjoyment as a free player, yes of course, they are in place to "encourage" you to fork over your cash. They want you to spend money, but you don't have to if you really don't want to do so.

    The biggest limitation for a free player IMO is the cash/trade* restrictions, but it can be bypassed via being in a league that has access to their league banks and knowing someone that can give/trade you items such as sodas, soda cola enhancers to sell for a quick refill on your $2,000, etc.
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  11. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    What are you "winning"? Everyone gets their loot drops from the same loot table at the end of each boss fight
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  12. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    I just don’t understand the unwillingness to spend money on the game. Even if you have to spend $70 a month, thats just like buying a new game for the ps5 & xbox. There are very few games coming out in 2021, if anything i think ive already spent more money on dcuo then any other year because of this..If your not willing to spend money on the game maybe you dont like it as much as you say
  13. Zoe· Content Creator

    The game is more "Pay to Advance". You pay to progress faster so;
    • CR Skips
    • TC Feats
    • Artifacts progression on Market Place.
    While these are a problem to itself, other than that the game is quite friendly to free to play and I will list why:
    • Open Episodes since beginning on Pandemic. And I think Mepps mentioned on a live stream that they plan to keep it this way.
    • Episodes has Event version that lets f2p gear up and try out new content.
    • Episode 40 completely free to play.
    • Death of Superman Event completely free to play.
    • Seasonal Events completely free to play.
    • Leveling to 30 is free. Like a "Tutorial".
    • With Open Episodes you can now buy the additional rewards with Source Marks on the vendor without owning the episode\Membership.
    TD;LR you can progress without pay. But it will take much, much longer because of how the system is built. But the reasons above are pretty much why It's friendly to free to play.

    I am fine with Membership, and looking forward to see the renewed Membership benefits.
    Premium is also fine. I think the restriction on Cash should be higher below Membership level just to make it fair and easier to fix gear etc.
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  14. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    This was true in the past, not anymore World of Warcraft uses a demo model. Right now DCUO is 100% a free to play game.
  15. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    This is a business just as much as it’s a game, so of course the game isn’t going to be a 100% free to play experience. The game has to make profit
  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I look at the game as a $5 game. $5 to get to Premium.

    Honestly...and I say this having a few F2P accounts....Staying on this game in Free mode is just dumb....sorry those of you trying to do it...but it is. 5$ to go premium and if that's all the money you ever spent, it makes the game 100% better. 6 toons give you more storage and farming options, more inventory and bank slots make the daily grind that much less of a grind as you won't constantly be doing inventory cleaning and the ability to trade means if you are a good farmer and know how to trade, you can get almost anything you want except seals (and seals should be tradable...as originally intended). Now...does this mean F2P doesn't exist? No...it does, but the idea of staying in it to save a simple 5$ spend is just shooting yourself in the foot to me. Do yourself a favor and buy something for $5 or splurge for $10 and get the gear up bundle or a 2nd armory or a few SOP packs. Repairs are not an issue if you keep soders or probiotics on hand (bottled city soder helps with saving soders BTW) and you don't need to buy anything from the broker as it can all be traded for...go farm some stuff for trading.

    BTW...before anyone says something about HAVING to spend more than 5$, no...you do not as long as you don't mind waiting for arti advancement, or will be satisfied with 120...maybe even 160s. I have 3 premiums...all who have spent only the 5$ to get there and all of which have the level 8 bottled city soder and at least 1 160 Arti...if not 180. Yes...the seals is the biggest thing hampering 'free' play, as well as a 2nd armory, but there is no need to buy TCs, no need to drive to 200 artis unless you are shooting for endgame Elite, which wasn't even an option until this DLC went free to all. And if you are planning on being Endgame elite...yeah, you should need to spend money...you are now beyond an average player. If you skip the endgame Elite, learn how to be a good player and you can play anything in the game with workable SP and artis...all for free (minus the $5 entry fee).
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  17. King Cisco Active Player

    War frame and eso are legit free to play.

    Eso is free to play on Xbox game pass. And everywhere else it’s free once you own
    The game, the monthly sub helps (slightly) and you can buy expansions but you could make it to endgame 100% after paying what $10 for the game.

    Dcuo on the other hand is pay to play free to try
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  18. King Cisco Active Player

    You are paying to “win” advanced stats.

    People pay for artifacts that give a major advantage
    Pay for sp
    Pay for TC (gives styles, gear stats)
    Pay for cash sites.

    How much real money do you think
    Has gone into max sp? A crap ton. I have a buddy that drops thousands of dollars on this game a year. Yup per year!!
  19. King Cisco Active Player

    Understandable but look At fortnite. Tons of dcuo fools would fund this game simply to buy styles...... myself included
  20. King Cisco Active Player

    Do you play any other games? That sounds horrendous