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Jun 22, 2015
Nov 2, 2014
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May 29
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Gotham City
Detective, Student, Artist, Batgirl, Oracle

The Batgirl

New Player, Female, from Gotham City

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    “It's only the end if you want it to be.”
    - Babs

    Game Name: Briskyyy (lvl. 30)
    League: Bat League
    DPS: Fire (Tank)
    Weapons: Martial Arts & Brawling


    May 29
    Home page:
    Gotham City
    Detective, Student, Artist, Batgirl, Oracle
    US PC/PS
    I live in Gotham City, currently kicking villians' butts off. Oh.. and the name's Batgirl.

    I need my own BatSignal.. Dang it. :confused:

    I am also a famous YouTuber!
    My gaming name or whatnot it's called: Briskyyy

    Name: Briskyyy
    Age: 22
    DPS: Fire
    Weapon: Martial Arts & Brawling
    Mentor: WW

    Briskyyy is seen as a well-adapting person, kind, caring and respecting. Sometimes she can be stubborn, serious but wild and funny at times. She can be irritated at times and bad-as* when she needs to be.
    Although she prefers working alone, being in a team is fine by her. If the job is done quicker, better isn't it?
    She is seen wearing the Batgirl costume from the New 52. She is recognizable as BG.

    As a small child, she has always admired Batman, the Batfamily. The shadows of the night. Lurking behind enemies and giving them a taste of their own medicine. At the age of 12, she was walking down the sidewalks of Gotham with her parents, when suddenly, a mysterious figure attacked her parents. She was terrified, crying, not knowing what to do. Helpless. She was sobbing, screaming. Her parents grabbed her and ran away. But the figure said.. in a voice deep and in a evil tone, "I will be back... I will.." Briskyyy stared at his dark eyes, terrified. "Back... for what..?"

    As the years went by, she was still worrying about that figure. That man. Despite of her fear and worries, she decided to train herself so she can track him down and see what he really wants. She became a brilliant student at school, deciding to become an part-time artist later on. In school, she was hard working and loved school (mostly because of friends). Sometimes she would get bullied. In her free time, at night, she would go down to the martial arts studio, training herself. For hours. Sweating. Determined to find this man. She was training for about 2 years. At the age of 15, she made a costume herself, to become a shadow of the night. She wanted to protect her family. To end it all. To end their fears. As she went outside, she went to the exact same place she stood when she met him. As the wind blew past her, her hair flowing, she yelled, "Come out! Show yourself!"

    The mysterious figure appeared. "Well, well, you're back.. Finally.." he said, chuckling.

    "What do you want?"
    "Oh.. nothing at all," he smiled widely.
    Brisky glared at him, threatening him, about to attack.

    He chuckled. "Alright, alright... All I wanted.. was you. You see, I have slaves. I can control children's minds and make them my slaves. However, back then, I wasn't able to catch you. Your... pathetic parents took you away.. While I had a chance you grab you. Don't you feel.. unwanted? Not loved? Lonely?"

    Brisky's eyes shook with fear.. with realization. "I.. I.. don't know.."

    "What he is saying... it's true.. Sometimes my parents didn't fully support me. They didn't really show me their love.. I.."

    The man smiled. "Are you okay..? Don't worry, why don't you join me and you'll receive a lot more support than... from your.. parents.." he said.
    She backed away. "Something sounds wrong.. Something's fishy. I don't trust him. At all. He's lying."

    As Briskyyy leaped into the air, she was nowhere to be seen.
    As the man grunted, he yelled.. "Fine! Your choice.. It's your choice, child!"
    Briskyyy landed a hard attack on his back and sent a kick to his head. He grunted with pain and he immediately grabbed her neck, choking her. She punched him and used her grappler hook as she grabbed him through the air.


    As they were in the air, both of them went all the way up, into the darkness, Brisky had let go of her grappling hook, grabbed the man, said in a whisper, while in the air: "You're dead."

    She kicked herself from him, going a bit up into the sky, letting her cape drive fear into him and she went down and down with him, yelling.

    The man was shaking with fear, sweating and hoping not to die. His eyes widened with fear as his last few seconds of death were near. As Brisky grabbed the man's clothing, as they went down, she sent a kick, did a backflip as she landed and the man went down to the ground with a loud and hard thud, shaking the ground.

    As the debris cleared, she kneeled down, trying to catch a breath. As she looked up, the man was motionless. "Fin..finally.."

    She got a piece of her grappling hook zipline and wrapped it around the man. Apparently, he was still alive, he was about to wake up. Brisky had to go quickly before the cops arrived. As she hid in the shadows, she watched as the cops took away the man. He was arrested.
    She went home, through her room's window. "Whew.. my parents are still asleep."
    She hid her costume as always and slept.

    As she fought crime secretly years later, she joined the JL and met the Batfamily (one of her childhood dreams).
    Batman has made her part of the Batfamily and she became one of the official crime-fighters of Gotham. She had also met Oracle and the others. She became the official Batgirl as of now and is still fighting crime. She joined DCUO at the age of 22, fighting and leveling up, meeting others and completing missions. Still fighting in Gotham, she won't let any enemy or anyone stand in her way. She may have more enemies than ever, but she will be prepared as always.

    Because she is Batgirl.