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    Hello My dear family I have come with another topic to get our blood flowing and juices rushing hehehehe. It is time for a topic that the...

    Jun 3, 2024
  2. Mike310 replied to the thread Idea emote battery of lantern with vocal oath..

    This would be so cool and I'd happily spend money for this.

    Jun 3, 2024
  3. Mike310 liked Eve's post in the thread Idea emote battery of lantern with vocal oath..

    They could release it as a market place pack and do different versions for Star Sapphires, Red Lanterns, etc. I really want one aswell!

    Jun 3, 2024
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    I'm thinking more and more about a green lantern emote, which could make the gesture when he charges his ring with his battery and even...

    Jun 3, 2024
  5. Mike310 liked PandoraLaBella's post in the thread Dcuo 2024 The Future Series Part 1..

    Those are great ideas! I'd like to add: 1) New weapon: Whip, after the moves of Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Lashina. 2) New iconic powers,...

    May 24, 2024
  6. Mike310 liked Burning_Baron's post in the thread New Iconics.

    Give us omega beams!

    May 23, 2024
  7. Mike310 liked an81angel's post in the thread Tell us what accessories you'd like to see next!.

    Dust storm tornadoes [IMG] Runic casting circle that is very large and hovers behind your character spinning and sparkling and glowing....

    Apr 12, 2024
  8. Mike310 liked BathroomPapi's post in the thread Let’s Talk New Movement STYLES (Not modes).

    Since the devs refuse to give us anything new in terms of powers, maps, movement modes, etc. Let’s talk about feasible things we can hope...

    Apr 10, 2024
  9. Mike310 liked MrSuperman's post in the thread I’m here till the end….

    Don’t know about you guys, but I started in 2011 and I’m gonna see this game till the end. “Change of Direction” or “Pulling the Plug”...

    Feb 21, 2024
  10. Mike310 liked Prindacerk's post in the thread Make Movement Gear as Accessory please?.

    It's frustrating having to buy movement gear from Dr.Fate only to get a level 1 item where you lose all the stats. And you have to keep...

    Feb 3, 2024