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    Quickest LPVE?

    I'm working on some of the "family" feats (100 with a Bat family character, 100 with an arcane character, etc.), having gotten nearly all...

    Forum: Gotham City (General Gameplay)

    Jan 30, 2021
  2. DoctorP2 replied to the thread Producer's Letter: Daybreak Acquisition and DC Universe Online.

    If you read through the investor presentation on the EG7 website, you'll see some fascinating info about DCUO memberships, retention, and...

    Dec 2, 2020
  3. DoctorP2 replied to the thread Ionized Gas.

    How does that saying go...? Only an idiot does the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. For me, three days of...

    Nov 30, 2020
  4. DoctorP2 replied to the thread Quintile Crystal Shard.

    One more person's experience. Ran 40 bounties across several toons in the last three days. 1 crystal and 0 ionized gas. Drop rate is...

    Nov 23, 2020
  5. DoctorP2 replied to the thread Your best memory from DCUO.

    Best memory from DCUO? Getting the speed feat in Shady Nightclub at level. A leaguemate and I had been hammering on that duo for weeks,...

    Oct 18, 2020
  6. DoctorP2 replied to the thread Questions about finding Cheetah.

    I'd like to know this too. Spent about 20 minutes flying around Themyscira, looking for signs on the minimap, exploring corners, and...

    Oct 16, 2020